Thursday, January 4, 2007

TILT is {insert here}.

What TILT is and what TILT desires to be can be two quite different things at times.

First, TILT is not a ‘thing’ but a group of living people, so whenever we say something like ‘TILT is’, we’re really talking about a community of people. And it’s also not about what we desire to be, but rather what God is calling us to be in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Nevertheless, we proceed…

TILT is about worshipping God. We believe this is what we were designed to do, give glory to God, who exists as Father, Son and Spirit. Jesus came to Earth and preached that God’s Kingdom was a reality in the here and now. We believe that still to be true and so we seek to give a place to this kingdom in our lives, TILT and the community around us.

TILT is a missional community. In some circles, ‘missional’ is a pretty hot buzzword, yet my word processor identifies it as a misspelled word. So…essentially, we mean that TILT, as a part of the Church body worldwide, exists to serve the community at large, not Christians who are a part of TILT. Our focus is on God leading us out into the world, not becoming a little enclave of isolated people in Toronto. Our hope is that through the community of TILT, God’s grace and truth will be experienced tangibly.

TILT is about bringing the good news of God found in the person of Jesus Christ relevantly to our current and ever-changing culture. To most people, ‘church’ is out of touch with any sort of reality, yet we believe the Church should be the most ‘relevant’ place in our communities. A place that fights for justice, provides shelter for the weak, and oppressed, brings compassion and tenderness amidst hardness and selfishness, promotes peace where conflict prevails…that is just a glimpse of what God’s Kingdom is about.

TILT is authentic. Anyone is welcome as they are. Too often, the church tries to change people, but we trust and know only God can and will do that as he is experienced. Part of being authentic is re-invigorating ancient practices and bringing them back into our experience of worshipping God. It also includes times of silence before God to listen to him. It’s also times of confession, praying for one another with openness and honesty.
We could go on for a while here…

If you are looking for more information on the greater body of Spring Garden Church of which TILT is a part, click here for the main webpage or here for the theological image that drives our ministry


Anonymous said...

Your link "here" in your last paragraph on the About page is broken. So I can't see Spring Garden's beliefs.

TILT said...

Thanks for pointing that out. The present Spring Garden website does not have Spring Garden's belief statements and so I have updated the wording to be more accurate. If you would like to read the full belief statement of SGC, you could request a soft copy of it from the office adminstrator through this link: